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   "Music is my Crack & I won't re-hab it."
   Ray Ford aka DJstuff, The Lone Wolf

"Change The Game... Don't Let The Game Change You !!"
"Make The Money... Don't Let The Money MakeYou !!"
Macklemore (Ben Haggerty)


"A DJ's job is to MAKE 'EM SWEAT !! And when they do...
MAKE 'EM BEG 4 MORE !!" Hall of Fame Pioneer DJ Jack Witherby

Welcome 2 your
DJ, Dance Music
Mix & Nightclub Resource site.

The Lone Wolf

  See & listen to all my mixes HERE. FREE Download, or post a mix on Facebook, your blog, website,

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  My sets R fresh w/Hip Hop, R&B, Glitch Hop, DnB, Deep House, Bass, Dubstep, Power Electro & more..

"Creativity is love-making with your soul." Roland Appell - "Inner Soul"
* * * *
"Live every day like it's your last, because... one day, it will be!"
Frank Sinatra

"...follow me... to a place where we can be absolutely free...
to be exactly what you want to be... completely.." Sonique - "Fly"
   Yes, my 1st love is music.... and, a close second is Vintage Cars. Each year on the 2nd weekend in July, Roseburg, OR hosts it's annual Graffiti Weekend, the largest car show in the Northwest...

   Car restoration is an Art Form. ...with the Saturday Stray Angels Car Club Show & Shine @ River Forks Park. Each year, over 500 cars from all over the West & beyond are on display.

   I invite you to enjoy over 200 vintage car photos HERE.

"You're never gonna survive unless you're a little crazy" - Seal - "Crazy" 
   "No matter what happens you need music. We need magic & bliss, & power & celebration in our lives, & music is a good way to encapsulate a lot of it.
   It's just great to be involved in something that provides some uplift & comfort in people's lives that doesn't hurt anybody." 
                                         Jerry Garcia (1942-1995)
Jerry Garcia

Skrillex Live @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre 2014 - This is how it's done...

DJ Music   


The Top 50 Club Dasnce Hits Of 2011 Here.
Top 20 Dance Hits of 2010. Great stuff here.
 Top 10 R&B/Hip Hop Duets of the Decade

 Vintage Dance Music Charts of the 70's,
        80's, 90's & 2000s
The Top 200 Dance 80s Hits here.
70s Disco Dance Hits here.
Top 100 Classic Slo Songs here.

DJ City Top 50  Most Downloded Tracks of 2013
        Click Here


  Current Dance Music Charts from:
         DDK - Dan Miller's Dixie Dance Kings

         Billboard Dance Chart

         DJfm Energy 105, Toronto -  Dance Chart

         KIIS fm LA - Top 20 Chart



DJ Dish, Dance Music   


  DJ Directory - Listing of the wold's top DJ's
         Find your favorite DJs here.

  Here are the Party Clubs of the World !!
         Nightclubs - US - Includes the Top 100 $$$
         grossing clubs across the US. Click here..
         Nightclubs - World - Club listings from
         Canada to Singapore... & beyond...
         Check 'em out here.

 Electronic Cash Kings - The Highest Paid DJs
        of 2014 as determined by Forbes. Story Here...

The World's Highest Paid Musicians & DJs
        In 2013 as determined by Forbes. Story Here...


DJ Toys, equipment, mixer, CD player   

Our hot list of kewl DJ toys. Links
       2 "must see" stuff like Mixmeister,
       Traktor Pro, Virtual DJ. More here 

Growing Trend. DJs going back
       to vinyl, using "Old School"
       mixing techniques. More here.

Now you can create music for any
       situation.... automatically! Read
MMG Creates Xtremely
       Customized Music Environments

DJ links, record labels, pop artists   

DJ Times - This is the still one of
        the best DJ publication.

DJ Mag - Always good, leading
        edge stuff from UK & beyond.
Mobile Beat - The DJ Magazine.
DJ one2one - Amazing site that
        never ends from the Netherlands.
Many more DJ Links here.

DJ services 

DJ sites 

Magnum Music Group - #1 source
        for DJs & Music Programming.
Dixie Sound Works - Dan Miller's
        group provides a myriad of stuff 
        4 DJs including hard to find vinyl.

  More services here.

        It's ALL About The Mix
MixMeisterRadio -  Beat

DJpassion - UK
DJ House Mixes
Tru Grooves

Armin van Buuren - Voted #1 DJ
        in the world 2 years in a row.
Paul Van Dyke.
 Paul Oakenfold - Originally from
        UK, Paul now calls the planet
        home - dance charts everywhere.
  Deadmau5 - One of the Top 10
         DJs in the world.
  David Guetta - Caertainly
         ONE of the world's best.
  DJ John Digweed, UK - 1 of the
         world's most sought-after DJs.

  More of the world's DJ sites here.
News Related Sites & Bookstore:

2015 List Of The TOP 100
Revenue Generating Nightclubs, Bars & Lounges In The U.S.
Read About  It Here

Bar / Nightclub
Management & Marketing

Hospitality Industry
Resource Center

Success Keys For Managing
Your Environment



News DJstuff Music Mix Podcast:

  I've been publishing my DJstuff "Make 'Em Sweat"
Music Mix Podcasts online for over 6 years.

   I began publishing my mixes in 2009 w/ LetsMix.com in Europe & in Jan. 2012, I  switched to Podomatic.com so my sets could be more widely available thru iTunes.
   I just recently uploaded my latest mix live @ Podomatic.
   You can listen, download & subscribe to all my Mixes by Clicking Here



News Vintage Cars

   Outside of my music passion, I've had a lifelong love affair with Hot Rods, Custom & Vintage Cars.

   Here are some 200 pictures of my favorites. Some fun stuff here.. check it out.
Click Here

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