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What's happening with you? Got a "HOT" new mix, kewl Web page, killer TOP 10? Guest DJs coming up? Broadcasting on the Net? Got a hot new promo? Email us & we'll give you a plug on our newly revised DJ Graffiti page.

Just remember to "MAKE 'EM SWEAT!!"      


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News DJstuff Music Mix Podcast:

  I've been publishing my DJstuff "Make 'Em Sweat"
Music Mix Podcasts online since 2009.

   I began publishing my mixes in 2009 w/ in Europe & in Nov. 2010, I  switched to so my sets could be more widely available thru iTunes.
   I just recently uploaded my latest mix live @ Podomatic.
   You can listen, download & subscribe to all my Mixes by Clicking Here



News DJstuff Dance Music Archives:
  This portion of the website isdevoted to archiving dance club hits all the way back to the 70's.

   I've been researching & posting these charts since this website was 1st launched in l1994.
   In addition, you'll also find current playlists from Beatport, iTunes, Billboard, DJ Times, Power 106 LA & more..
   You can find all this valuable information by Clicking Here



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